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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The RockClub E-Shop is an online shop for selling products and services via the Internet created by the company under the name “Athanasios Andreanoudis S.A.”, seated in Kalochori of Thessaloniki, on Ipeirou str. (at the Agr. parcel 115), legally represented with TIN 998305928 and registered at the Tax office of Sociétés Anonymes of Kalochori, and telephone number +30 2310-755057. Please make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions, because further use and browsing on our web page www.rockclub.gr entails your explicit and unreserved authorisation and consent to them.

Terms of use

The website’s visitors agree that:
a) they shall use their actual data (surname, name, address, email) in the contact forms.
b) they shall use the site according to the law and the accepted principles of morality and shall not commit any actions or omissions which may cause damage to it and any other user or to the networks connected to the site.
c) The RockClub E-Shop reserves the right to unilaterally amend or renew the present terms laid out on its web page, according to its needs, but it is obliged to inform its users for any amendments, as well as any changes, via its web page.


The copyrights pertaining to the content (including texts, graphics, images, photographs and software) or to the services of the site which have been included or are to be included online, are protected by the Greek, EU and the international copyright laws and are exclusively owned by the RockClub E-shop. The appearance of the latter on the website or on that of other contracting parties, in no way, should it be considered as a transfer or an assignment of licence or of the right to use them.
It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce and retransmit the material, without the company’s prior written authorisation, since they are made available to the site’s visitors for personal use only (for non-profit or non-commercial use).

Limits of Liability

The RockClub E-shop is bound in terms of the completeness and the validity of the information which are available on its web page, as regards both the existence of the essential characteristics which are outlined, where relevant, for every product the company disposes, and the accuracy of the information regarding the services provided, subject to any technical or typographical errors, which may have escaped attention or have been committed unintentionally or because of interruptions of the web page’s operation due to force majeure.
The RockClub E-shop deploys all its efforts to offer services of high quality, but it does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions, errors or harmful elements within the website’s contents and it bears no responsibility for any losses or any requirements of legal, civil or criminal nature from the site’s users. The visitors agree to use the site on their own responsibility.

Applicable Law

As of Monday 15th February 2016, the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution-ODR platform became operational, which allows both consumers and traders to resolve their disputes online regarding either domestic or cross-border transactions. The ODR is directly connected with the competent Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies of each country, which undertake the treatment of the complaints. Each dispute resolution body applies its own rules and processes. They are usually simpler, faster and less costly than bringing an action before the Court of Justice. However, the choice of the body must be agreed on by both contracting parties. 

The procedure is carried out in four stages:

Lodging a complaint
Agreement on the dispute resolution body
Treatment of the complaint by the dispute resolution body
Result and termination of the complaint

The procedure is easy, it is completed online, and it serves all EU countries. The body is obliged to decide within 90 days.
The ODR falls within the framework of the Directive 2013/11/EC, which was recently harmonised in the Greek legislation (with the Common Ministerial Decision No 70330/2015) and it provides for the possibility to resolve consumer disputes online via the Alternative Dispute Resolution process throughout the EU.


1. Personal Data Kind and Collection Process

The clients’ data include any details required for the fulfilment of our agreement and our legally-imposed obligations regarding:

A) Identification and contact details (name, last name, address and telephone numbers, email)

B) Details regarding the performance of the contract and the dispatch of the order (delivery address, recipient’s details)

The afore-mentioned details are either declared by the clients themselves while placing their order online on our e-shop or they are provided to the company’s authorised employee, accounting office, salesperson, representative (via telephone, fax, email) and are entered in the company’s electronic system. At the same time, a hard-copy file is created including the order form, the voucher for the courier delivery service company, the invoice/receipt, the shipping note, and the proofs of payment.

2. Rights of Handling and Access to Personal Data

The Management and the company’s employees have the rights to handle and access the Personal Data kept, within their scope of competence:

1.    The company’s Management has full access to the data of the electronic system and the hard-copy files for all data.

2.    The e-shop’s manager has access to all data of the e-shop’s clients held online, as well as the order’s hard-copy file.

3.    The warehouse has only access to the hard-copy file of the order.

4.    The Secretary has full electronic access to the identification and contact details.

5.    The Accounting office has electronic access to the identification and contact details, the accounting information and the order details. The Accounting office keeps in lockable file cabinets/lockers the hard-copy files for the charges of the provided services and products and the information of those liable for payment. The information of those liable is performed online or by sending a relevant information note. The Accountant office keeps any other details imposed by the tax legislation.

6.    The clients have access to their own details. The access is performed either electronically (for the e-shop’s clients) by using the personal codes (username and password) they set while creating their account on the e-shop or through the Secretary/Accounting office by submitting a relevant request. 

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